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Inner Guidance Groups Testimonials

The guidance and practices offered by Gayan have become as notes and instruments that hold a permanent place in the music of my life.

Jonathan Moll

I consider these groups a rare opportunity led by one of the wisest and kindest people I have ever known.  It combines the holy with everyday life.

Aila Alice Hardesty

I felt welcomed and cherished from the very first moment.  I entered a community of people who I can trust with my greatest joys, worst fears, and deepest truths.

Inner Guidance Retreats have been more than a class, more than a program, but an exploration of what it is to truly Know, which is exactly where Pir O Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan asks us to go. “To know the self is to know God.”


Hakima Elizabeth Normand

I am not only a committed participant of nearly 20 years, but my two children have been sufficiently convinced of the benefit to participate in the young adults group as well.

Tomas Chaitanya Gomez

I have found understanding and a deeper sense of meaning regarding the core issues in my life.  And I have experienced the joy of internal breakthroughs.


This has given me a wonderful group of spiritual friends that I treasure.

Being present to the work of others is being present to the most sacred of moments imaginable.

Elana Martha Laird


The Pawling group is the gift of being with others on the path who are really choosing to evolve.

It is so obvious to see how people have grown so much with this work. To be witness to such a process is humbling and uplifting at the same time.

Azima Mary Jackson


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