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~ 7 Class Series with Nirtana ~

Cultivating the Breath

“…a real mystic must show equilibrium, balance. He will have his head in the heavens, but his feet will be on the earth.”   ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

~In The Sufi tradition of Hazrat Inayat Khan~
with Nirtana Deckro
Cultivating the Breath
7 Monday Morning Sessions
8-9am Pacific (11am-12pm Eastern)
February 20-April 3 2023

Online on Zoom
Recordings will be available

Breath may be experienced as the life current running through all of nature, connecting heaven and earth, bridging body and soul.  We have been gifted with a treasure trove of teachings and practices to help us gain equilibrium and balance, and to develop our presence to the earthly as well as the subtle realms.

During this 7-session program we will engage with some of those breath practices that are foundational to our spiritual path. These core practices can be integrated into our daily life to help:

  • Maintain balance and equilibrium
  • Promote wholeness and well-being
  • Develop an increased subtly of awareness

Areas of study will include:

  • Breath Awareness
  • Element breaths
  • Dimensions of the breath
  • Breathing through the thresholds
  • Purification of the lataif

Photo by Sarah Deckro

This program may serve as an introduction or as the opportunity to deepen one’s long-term relationship with breath practice.


$49 for all 7 mornings

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About Nirtana

Nirtana was first introduced to yoga and meditation as a 21-year-old medical student during a Summer internship in India. In 1982 she was initiated into the Inayatiyya by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan. She has spent much of her adult life practicing and teaching meditation through various roles: as a guide and senior teacher in the Inayatiyya, as a mentor for Suluk Academy, and as a doctor bringing mind/body approaches into educational and medical settings. From 2011-14 she served in an organizational position as executive director of the Inayatiyya. Now, her primary commitment is to help others explore and deepen their inner life and bring the fruits of this practice into every day.

Photo by Sarah Deckro

“Thus am I: but a feather on the breath of God.”
~ Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 1179)

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