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Somatic Zikr – The Swing, Part Two

Somatic Zikr – The Swing, Part Two

Part Two: Opening

In the Islamic tradition, it is said (God speaking) We have opened you.

Sit for a moment, in the sun if you can, or in the company of gentleness, or bird songs or kindness — something benign, and sweet. Sit in the tender presence of benevolence, and consider being like a rose feeling the warm generous sun on your petals.

Isn’t opening the most natural response?

Or perhaps someone is looking at you with deep appreciation, seeing your true motive, seeing how hard you try, how you have good intentions; they see it, and then what happens? Do you soften and open?

What opens me? What can I open to? While contemplating opening, try moving
your head and torso in the Swing, or add la illaha or no words at all but just the feeling of being opened.

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