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November 16-21, 2021 | Retreat on Death and Deathlessness with Taj

A Retreat on Death and Deathlessness

With Taj Inayat

November 16-21, 2021

This retreat experientially explores the soul’s journey as presented by Hazrat Inayat Khan’s masterpiece The Soul Whence and Whither which figures as a modern-day Sufi counterpart to the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead.

What is called death, according to Hazrat, is a state of consciousness devoid of physical sensory input. Familiarizing oneself with the experience of consciousness beyond the senses can accordingly lead to the direct realization of immortality, a discovery that dispels the conventional dichotomy between life and death.

This retreat will be offered on the zoom format. It is open to anyone who is drawn to attend.  The cost will be a sliding scale from $350-595.  More information is available here.

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