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~ The Study of Life ~


It is the fulfillment of the purpose of life that comes when the soul strikes the note which is meant to be that soul’s note.   ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

As the false/adaptive self drops away, our true face appears to us from within.
Then comes the courage and beauty of manifesting our real self in daily life, in word and action.

~In The Sufi tradition of Hazrat Inayat Khan~
with Gayan Macher
The Study of Life: AUTHENTICITY
Two Video Sessions featuring Gayan Macher

Explore the depth of authenticity:
Know your true self
Remain real in the conduct of your life
Leave the shore of conformity
Stand alone if need be
Follow the insistent inner voice that points the way


$39 includes two teaching videos

The Study of Life

Gayan offers a program series on the understanding of life, and of human maturation that is possible only through life’s experience.

We see that the world is not meant to be perfect. But in trying to make it so, we become beautiful and life becomes sacred.

What is required of us is an honest following of life’s law. Nothing in this world is more important that the knowledge of human nature and the study of human life.

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Practice of Inner Guidance

During the afternoon sessions each day, we engage in a special process of seeking guidance.  In these sessions, Gayan works one on one with someone, in the presence of the group as witnesses. A person may take a turn when they are in touch with their “burning question”—a heart-felt desire to understand something more fully. With Gayan’s support, they learn to deepen contact with the light of knowing coming from within, learning to hear the voice beneath incessant thinking.

Due to their intimate and sacred nature, the recordings of these portions of the program are available only to those who register for the live session.

About Gayan

Gayan is a companion and guide to those who are called to the courageous path of love.  He has practiced and taught the universal Sufism of Hazrat Inayat Khan his entire adult life. In addition, he has studied Buddhist practice, the Diamond Approach, and psychology, where he explored emerging understandings of the formation of the ego.

Gayan leads group retreats and has guided scores of individual students. He collaborated with Pir Zia Inayat Khan in designing Suluk Academy, and taught at Suluk for eight years. Along with Taj Inayat he created Sufi Retreats, and then New Rain, which became laboratories for the process of awakening and spiritual maturation.  

A specialty of his work is leading Inner Guidance Groups, a process in which people learn the art of listening to the voice of truth and understanding coming from within.

Gayan also has a 40-year career as a consultant to executives of organizations, having worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profits of all sizes. Being a confidant to people in positions of significant responsibility has given him a front row seat for the study of leadership and human nature. 

Among Gayan’s great loves is music. He plays guitar, and as a singer-song writer has recorded two CDs of original songs.  


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