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Dear Friends,

tajandgayanResidential retreats are a powerful element for spiritual unfoldment.  They provide the opportunity to significantly develop our practice, in the atmosphere of sacredness, silence and spiritual friendship.

The retreat provides a time for immersion in the practices of meditation, prayer and the traditional Sufi practice of zikr.  Another special element is the small group inquiry process.  In these sessions you may explore the burning questions of your heart with personal support from Taj or Gayan. Instead of setting aside personal issues, we use them as material for inner and outer transformation. In these small group settings you also begin to learn how to access the guidance that comes from within.  This is one of the most precious capacities a person can have in life.

The beauty of the retreat space at Santa Sabina, the kindness of spiritual friendship, the music, poetry and good food…all support a deep inner relaxation that allows ego armoring to let down.  Thus, beauty and support provide the crucible for the inner process of growth.

The retreat is a balance of silence and inwardness, along with interaction that cultivates authenticity and depth in relation to others.  This carries over to all relationships and to our world view upon returning home.

The next retreat will be held April 22-28th, 2019 in San Rafael, California. We hope you can join us.  Be aware that space is limited.

Blessings to you,

Taj and Gayan

P.S. New Rain retreats are designed for initiates in the Sufi path, but if you are new to the path or feel drawn to attend, please contact us to see if it would be a good fit for you.

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