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New Rain Annual Retreat: April 18-24, 2022
Online again this year

Email any questions to Registrar.

New Rain offers an annual 7 day retreat, usually held at beautiful Santa Sabina in San Rafael, CA  Because of Covid-19, we will again meet this year over Zoom.  A typical retreat includes a mix of teachings, meditations and practices from the lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan, days of silence as well as rich opportunities of community connection, and guided sessions of inquiry.  New Rain is open to initiates in any of the Hazrati Inayati lineages. If you are not an initiate and feel drawn to this path, please contact us for further exploration.

In addition to the New Rain Annual Retreat, Taj and Gayan hold other small groups, classes and retreats throughout the year. Please see the Programs page for the overview of all offerings or go to the Calendar for upcoming retreat dates and information.

Santa Sabina Retreat
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