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Annual New Rain Retreat Playlist and Reading List

Although the complete experience of retreat cannot be replicated, we hope the following list of musical selections and books from a past Annual New Rain Retreat will inspire you.

Many thanks to Hayyan for compiling this list.

Music featuring Shahram Nazeri

Mystified – Poetry of Rumi: Sufi Music of Iran

Through Eternity: Homage to Molavi (Rumi), Sharam Nazeri

12-century Persian poet Jallalidin Mohammede Balkhi Molavi, a.k.a. Rumi, is probably more famous now than he was during his lifetime due to the proliferation of new music being made in his honor by contemporary poets and musicians. While much Western ambient and pseudospiritual music is made in his name these days, there is still a continuing tradition of respect and creation carried on by Iranian artists, and this CD is a testament to his inspiration. Dastan includes Kayhan Kalhor on setar and kamancheh, Pejman Hadadi on percussion, Hamid Motebassem on setar and tar, and Hossein Behroozi-Nia on barbat. These are all well-respected artists in their own right, which makes Dastan a major ensemble in the Persian music world. But the center of this recording is singer Shahram Nazeri, one of Persian music’s great classical singers, whose powerful vocals dominate the music here. Expertly performed and beautifully recorded, Homage rises above the already high standards of these musicians. –Louis Gibson

“Beautiful City” (Omorfi poli) Vassilis Salcas Greek Clarinet Litany (Mikis Theodorakis, From the Album The Very Best Of Mikis Theodorakis, Vol. 2)

Ustad Zia Moinuddinn Dagar, Rudra Vina “Raga Pan…”

el-Hadra (the Mystik Dance)

”I Went Everywhere”, Mirabai

Leonard Cohen – “Come Healing”

“Follow Me Down,” The Lonesome Sisters with Rayna Gellert

Passages from these books were read by Taj & Gayan

Reflections on Silver River, Ken McCloud

“In this masterful translation and commentary on Tokmé Zongpo’s Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva, Ken McLeod shines the light of wisdom on the challenges of contemporary life and illuminates a path the modern reader can take to freedom, peace and understanding. Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva is one of the most revered and loved texts in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. While this text has been translated many times, Ken McLeod’s plain and simple English beautifully reflects the simplicity and directness of the original Tibetan. McLeod’s commentary is full of striking images, provocative questions and inspiring descriptions of what it means to be awake and present in your life. Practical instruction, brief and to the point, is found in each of the verse commentaries, providing straightforward responses to the question, “How do I practice this?” McLeod is clearly writing from his own experience. Yet, instead of anecdotes and personal history, he challenges the reader to engage various scenarios, and consider how compassion, clarity, presence and balance could take expression in his or her life. The book is divide into three parts. The first is an introduction to the text and to Tokmé Zongpo. The second is McLeod’s translation of Tokmé Zongpo’s Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva. The third section is the main part of the book, a traditional verse-by-verse commentary. At 184 pages, Reflections on Silver River is a highly accessible introduction to Tibetan Buddhist practice as well as a valuable resource for the experienced practitioner, regardless of his or her tradition of training.”


“The Illuminated Rumi”, Michael Green with Coleman Barks

The Ten Sufi Thoughts of Inayat Khan

DREAM: A Liquid Mind Experience, “Dream Ten”

“Bishnau Az Nay”, Beloved World Music Ensemble

Beshnawe "Listen to the Nay"

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