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Inspiration For Your Spiritual Practice

Spiritual connection inwardly, and in community, answers the cry of today and fortifies those of us who are called to action.

Welcome! Free inspiration for your spiritual practice, videos and other New Rain Online and Annual New Rain Retreat content is posted here. Please feel free to pass on this page link to people who would benefit, and join the email list “Free Weekly Attunement” to receive invitations to free live classes and other promotional offers.

New Rain Online grew out of New Rain Retreats because we saw a need for ongoing spiritual support in everyday life and between retreats. Spiritual practice requires engaging with your full heart. This is easier when you’re on retreat, away from the demands of daily life. New Rain’s online membership program is an opportunity to receive day to day support. New Rain’s Annual Retreat as well as other small groups and retreats are an opportunity to go deeper and practice together.

We hope you will benefit from all of the free content that’s posted on this page!

Weekly Attunement

New Rain continues to offer Weekly Attunement because we are aware of the preciousness of the teachings and the need for presence of spiritual community in these times. Taj Inayat…

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New Rain Online Somatic Zikr Swing

Somatic Zikr – The Swing, Part One

Part One: Releasing Try this. Sit comfortably kneeling or on a chair and gently move your head and torso in the swing without words, and feel/notice the somatic experience of releasing. What is…

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New Rain Online


If life is to have meaning, if guidance is real and we wish to find it, we must be sincere in our readiness to listen. Click the link to download…

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