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New Rain Online with Taj and Gayan

Ongoing monthly support for your spiritual practice; includes tips twice per week, a live Zoom class once a month with Taj and Gayan, answers to your questions, and access to past library of topics to enrich and enliven your practice.

New Rain Annual Retreat with Taj and Gayan

Annual 7 day retreat in San Rafael, CA with Taj and Gayan to allow participants to deepen their practice in community. Silent meditation, group inquiry, prayer, zikr, and more.

Inner Guidance Groups with Gayan


The practice of contemplative inquiry develops the capacity to follow the voice of guidance in relation to the deepest questions of your heart and your life. The process brings us to a state of intimacy and honesty with our own hearts, where, surprisingly, we have often been strangers. It is motivated by the fire of devotion for the authentic life, and supported by spiritual friends who are committed to the same truth.

Groups meet twice a year on an ongoing basis. Those interested in future groups may contact Gayan.

Current Groups:

The Seattle Washington Group meets in February and August. Currently full. Accepting waiting list. Please contact Aziza Greene

The Younger Adults Group is for seekers in their 30’s and 40’s, and meets in Portland, OR in May and November. Please contact Maryam Sabrina or Nuria Gomez

May 7-10, 2020  Portland, OR  “Diving into Life: A Sufi Inner Guidance Retreat” Contact Maryam Sabrina or Nuria Gomez  |  Registration and information

“I have practiced and learned how to refine the questions of my heart, and listen when my inner guidance answers.  I have learned to see the sublime beauty and purpose of both the joy and pain in my life.”    -Hakima Elizabeth Normand

Read more testimonials for Gayan’s Inner Guidance Groups

Silent Retreats with Taj

Dive into your practice with silent meditation retreats led by Taj Inayat. What is the condition of your heart? What is your soul’s true purpose? Reflect and polish the facets of your awareness in these intimate retreats. Begin each day with an optional early morning practice class, followed by a morning instruction session with Taj, with ample time for personal practice during the day and group zikr and meditation in the evenings. Taj will meet with participants privately for guidance and support. If you’re interested in attending one of Taj’s silent retreats but you’ve never attended one before please inquire here for further information. Thank you!

Dates and Locations:

May 22-28, 2020  “The Abode Retreat” in New Lebanon, NY  — Due to the current pandemic the Abode is closed to groups until at least August. Taj will be holding this retreat via Zoom.  For further information please contact Khushi

September 1-21, 2020  Pecos, NM  Contact Khushi 

Individual Counseling with Taj

Spiritual counseling available with Taj Inayat in Petaluma, CA or via Zoom. Contact for rates and inquiries.

Inspiration For Your Spiritual Practice

Receive free ideas to enliven your spiritual practice regularly and receive invitations to join weekly Attunements at 9 AM Thursdays with Taj & Gayan via Zoom.


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