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New Rain Online with Taj and Gayan

Ongoing monthly support for your spiritual practice; includes tips twice per week, a live Zoom class once a month with Taj and Gayan, answers to your questions, and access to past library of topics to enrich and enliven your practice. Information and registration

New Rain Residential Retreat with Taj and Gayan

Annual 6 day retreat in San Rafael, CA with Taj and Gayan to allow participants to deepen their practice in community. Silent meditation, group inquiry, prayer, zikr, and more. Next retreat is April 22-28th, 2019. Information and registration

Inner Guidance with Gayan

Learn how to listen within and follow your moment to moment experience in order to refresh your perspective on life or discern a new direction — one that is closely related to your purpose. These inner guidance groups meet twice a year on both the East and West coasts.

These groups are also a precious experience of spiritual community, meeting twice a year or monthly (in the case of the Marin County group) with Gayan on an ongoing basis. Please fill out this form to apply or indicate interest in a current or future group.

Current and forming groups include:

Marin County, California
One Sunday per Month. Waitlist; apply online.

Seattle, Washington
February and August. Space available; apply online.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Group forming now; apply online.

Seattle, WA/Portland, OR
Diving Into Life – Age 45 and under.
May 4-7, 2018 in Seattle and November 8-11, 2018 in Portland. Space available; register online or contact

Silent Retreats with Taj

Dive into your practice with silent meditation retreats led by Taj Inayat. What is the condition of your heart? What is your soul’s true purpose? Reflect and polish the facets of your awareness in these intimate retreats. Begin each day with an optional morning attunement followed by a morning instruction session with Taj, with ample time for personal practice during the day and group zikr and meditation in the evenings. Taj will meet with participants privately for guidance and support. Apply online for a spot.

Dates and Locations:

November 13-18, 2018, San Rafael, CA

Taj will also lead a silent small group 40 day retreat in Pecos, NM from February 4- March 16, 2019. Details forthcoming.

Individual Counseling with Taj

Spiritual counseling available with Taj Inayat in Petaluma, CA or via Zoom; contact for rates and inquiries.

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