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New Rain Online is an ongoing subscription that provides support to your spiritual practice via monthly classes, weekly tips, and more

Support for Your Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice requires engaging with your full heart. This is easier when you’re on a retreat, away from the demands of daily life. But what about the times in between? Day to day, when you feel busy and stressed, your spiritual practice might lack the same luster as when you’re in a quiet environment with supportive teachers. And you might feel far away from your spiritual community.

In the course of spiritual practice, it’s natural to encounter obstacles. Arid lands, uncharted waters, and uncertainty are par for the course. There can be periods of lack of passion. When you have the support to navigate these difficulties wisely, each one yields valuable lessons. But when left to your own devices, how do you have the certainty that you’re not wandering the desert alone?

You Don’t Have to Be Alone

Even if you meet regularly with a guide, the spiritual path can be a lonely pursuit. New Rain Online fills the spaces between disparate spiritual events. It’s a place where you can freely explore everyday doubts and difficulties that arise in your individual practice. And you’ll find companions here, too: in addition to the support of Taj and Gayan, two highly experienced guides, you’ll also join a dedicated group of seekers. Within this safe and supportive community, you can share new insights, ask questions, and receive continual inspiration for your spiritual practice.

How Does it Work?

When you become a paid subscriber to New Rain Online ($29 per month), you will receive:

• A live class held from 10-11:30 AM Pacific on one Saturday a month, recorded for your convenience (see the calendar page for dates)
• The ability to pose personal questions to Taj and Gayan
• Inspirational and instructive “practice tips” arriving twice weekly in your email
• The option of forming Practice Partner groups with one or more other participants
• Access to video and audio recordings if you missed past classes 

New Rain Online addresses foundational areas of spiritual practice

• Maintaining a passionate engagement with spiritual practice
• Overcoming discouragement and deadening routines
• Adjusting our relationship to spiritual practice as we unfold
• Striking a balance between discipline and relaxation
• Is it helpful to look for progress on the path?
• Developing a relationship with prayer as real, and as a vehicle for deepening revelation
• Addressing difficulties in concentration

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