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Dear New Rain Friends,

I’m writing to you as you consider registering for the New Rain Retreat which will be held from April 18th-24th, 2022.  The purpose of this letter is to make sure that you understand the nature of this retreat and that you are prepared to enter fully into the retreat process.

New Rain retreat follows a unique format with teaching and guidance led by Taj and Gayan. It is highly experiential, not so much about taking in information. Part of the experience is the process of inquiry—a spoken practice done in dyads, triads and in guided small groups. If you are unfamiliar with inquiry, it will be important to learn about it in order to ensure that you are comfortable participating fully.

For those new to the practice or who have other questions, we will hold orientation sessions in advance of the retreat on Zoom. This can also be a time to learn about other practices such as Zikr if these are new to you. You will receive an invitation for these closer to the retreat dates.

New to New Rain Retreats?

If you are new to New Rain retreats and/or would like to better understand the Inquiry and Small Group aspects of the retreat, read Gayan’s letter which describes the inquiry process and small groups that occur throughout the retreat.

The retreat is designed to open us, and therefore you may find yourself in unknown territory.  If you feel called to join Taj and Gayan and the New Rain community for this retreat, completing the Interest Form indicates you understand this, and that you feel this is a good time for you to take the retreat.  The Registrar will respond to you shortly by email with how to proceed.


Gulbadan Vila
Registrar, New Rain Retreat

New Rain Scholarship Fund

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