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New Rain continues to offer Weekly Attunement because we are aware of the preciousness of the teachings and the need for presence of spiritual community in these times.

Taj Inayat and Gayan Macher started this weekly online gathering for meditation and attunement on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

Join us for meditation and attunement every Thursday at 9am. Join the email list “Free Weekly Attunement” to receive the Zoom invitations!

Breath is Life

Coming Home

Tasting Reality

On Good Terms with This Moment

Soul, the Life of Life

The Heart of Nature

Accept Life and Add Beauty

Receptive to the Flow

The Deep Self Is Not Far

Watering the Seeds of the New Humanity

Peace Within

Who Am I

I was created; I did not create myself

This Holy Body

The Heart Beat of Remembrance

Breath: Unifying the Infinite and the Everyday

The Silence Within Silence

Free Weekly Attunement

Join the New Rain Weekly Attunement and receive the Zoom invitation to join Taj and Gayan for a 30 minute meditation  every Thursday at 9am PST. We’ll also send you announcements about upcoming events on an occasional basis. Or subscribe to join the New Rain Online membership community for ongoing support for your spiritual practice!


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