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New Rain continues to offer Weekly Attunement because we are aware of the preciousness of the teachings and the need for presence of spiritual community in these times.  Taj and Gayan started this weekly online gathering for meditation and attunement on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

Join us for a 30 min. meditation and attunement every Thursday at 9 AM Pacific Time.  The meeting is open 15 min beforehand for you to settle in your seat.

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Benediction for Humanity

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Opening Music:  Praises for the World Tracks 6 & 7 – Jennifer Berezan and friends

Closing Music: Praises for the World Track 1 – Jennifer Berezan and friends

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Opening Music:  F. Liszt – Ständchen Piano Transcriptions After Schubert – Khatia Buniatishvili 

Closing Music:  Fields of Gold – Eva Cassidy

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Attention as an Act of Love

Our Depth is Silence

May You Be At Ease

Exploring the Heart of Pain

The Force of Love

Journey and Goal

Friend of the Moment

There is Kindness


Kindling Kindness

Home of the Soul

Sunshine from Within

Oh Happy Day

The Soul Is Happiness

The Sacred Manuscript of Nature

What Doesn't Pass

Consider Your Mind

The Silent Center

Beautiful Now

Surfing The Waves Of The Kaliyuga

True Ego

Light of Soul

Friend Of This Moment

Remembering Pir Vilayat

Life's Witnesses

Love God, Love Each Other

Anchored In This Moment

The One Life

In Tune With The Infinite

Invocation Pointing Out Instructions

Hidden Treasure

Only One I

Our Listening Heart

Noticing What Is Here

Our Good Mind

The Silence That Holds Us


The Balm of Peace

I Look To Thee

Giving Our Heart To Practice

The story of "Me"

The Sacred In Daily Life

Who Am I?


Place of Rest

Sacred Space

Free Weekly Attunement

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