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New Rain continues to offer Weekly Attunement because we are aware of the preciousness of the teachings and the need for presence of spiritual community in these times. This is an archive of the 2020 Attunements.

Taj Inayat and Gayan Macher started this weekly online gathering for meditation and attunement on Thursday, March 26, 2020.

Join us for meditation and attunement every Thursday at 9am. Join the email list “Free Weekly Attunement” to receive the Zoom invitations!

Honey Bees

God Is With Us

The Omnipresent Music

Breathing the Infinite

The Tuning of the Heart

Surfing the Infinite

The Rhythm of Peace

Turning the Soul & Tasting Eternity

Keep This Light Burning

Portals to the Deep Self

Radiating the Divine Heart Beat

Our Deep Self


Listening to the Depth

In Harmony with Life

Infinite Self

Calling Down the Divine Rain

Love and Indifference


The Great Silence

Anchored in Peace

Tale of the Fairy Heart

Attuning to the Subtle

Arriving in the Heart

Listening with the Ears of the Heart

Love of the Ungraspable

The Emerging Presence in Our Midst

On Attunement


Sensitivity at the Shore of Our Heart

Alchemy of Happiness

Abiding in the Inner Sanctum

The Invocation - An Infinite Journey

Orchestrating the Rhythm of Our Life

Finding Center Using Breath as Your Guide

Prayer as Meditation with Khushi

Perceiving the Truth of Unity

The Practice of Fikr

Contagion of Beauty - Purification Breaths

Quality of Peace

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