The following recordings are from the retreat held at Santa Sabina in April 2017.

If you were present at this retreat please contact Habiba for a half-price discount code.

As always, thanks for your support of New Rain and the scholarship committee.

Full set:

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Session 1: Welcome and Attunement Toward Being

Gathering and welcome. Contemplate a quality you want to focus on during the Retreat.

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Session 2: Description of the Sufi Path

Turning our hearts toward practice. Invoking the group chalice of Guidance.

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Session 3: Overview of the Sufi Path

Light – the awakening of soul
Love – opening the heart to the Beloved

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Session 4: Our Ultimate Motivation

The ultimate motivation – that our heart always knows

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Session 6: Morning Meditation, Wazifa

Morning practice including wazifa and meditation.

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Session 8: Practice Day, Morning 1 - Concentration, Walking

Includes concentration, walking with “nowhere to go”, 3 steps of awareness meditation, HIK readings about the soul becoming conscious of itself.

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Session 10: Practice Day Afternoon - Longing

Longing for our “Nim”, somatic Zikr of opening, bowing, rising.  Ya Malik – belonging.

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Session 13: Morning Practice - Sacredness of Life

Working with Quddus, Hay, Haqq

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Session 14: Evening Quiet Zikr

Includes music played during evening zikr.

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Session 15: Being In Harmony With What IS

Identifying the experience of Suffering, developing a “right relationship”.

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Session 16: Suffering Maturely

Identifying the experience of suffering maturely.  Inquiry and Discussion.

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Session 17: Practicing in Life

Being and acting in alignment with the Real.

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