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Welcome to New Rain

A Sufi process for awakening in the 21st century


Free Weekly Attunement

Join Taj & Gayan for a 30 minute Community Attunement

Followed by Office Hours – a 30 minute Q&A session

The work that Sufis consider to be their sacred task has nothing to do with any particular creed, nor has it to do with any particular religion. It is only this simple thing: to be in rhythm with life's conditions and to be in tune with the infinite.

Hazrat Inayat Khan


Join us for our annual 6 day intensive retreat with Taj Inayat and Gayan Macher. Experience the depth of silent meditation, balanced with interactive inquiry, music, zikr and more. Traditionally held in Northern California, the retreat is currently virtual.

Online Program

You don’t have to be alone in your spiritual practice. In between retreats and events, New Rain Online provides ongoing support for your daily spiritual life. Explore how to become inspired and refreshed, and meet your individual challenges in a safe community under the seasoned guidance of Taj Inayat and Gayan Macher.

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