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Welcome to New Rain

A Sufi process for awakening in the 21st century


We are a community of mystics who practice and realize three modes of awakening.


Join us in beautiful Northern California for our series of five-day retreats with Taj Inayat and Gayan Macher. Experience the depth of silent meditation and spiritual practice, balanced with inquiry work, small group discussions, music and dance, zikr, and more. New Rain retreats are open for the next few sessions, but will become a closed group, so now is the time to join.

Online Program

You don’t have to be alone in your spiritual practice. In between retreats and events, New Rain Online provides ongoing support for your daily spiritual life. Explore how to become inspired and refreshed, and meet your individual challenges in a safe community under the seasoned guidance of Taj Inayat and Gayan Macher.


Renewed by timeless teachings

I am renewed by the combination of timeless teachings given cutting-edge significance. I so valued the attitude that we were a group of peers each discovering and evolving in our own way and own time. I love the safe, compassionate space that Taj and Gayan create by their open and respectful teachings.

– Andaleeb

On the edge of something extraordinary

I feel I am on the edge of something extraordinary. I get whiffs of it and I want to continue to foster the deepening of my awareness. Being in the presence of other Sufi seekers and such profound teachers is so important.

– Khanun

Changed from whence I came

I feel changed from where I was when I came…Thank you!

– Shahana

Insight, Wisdom and Awakening

Taj and Gayan bring their insight and wisdom to the subtle art of drawing near to the sacred mystery of Being through sitting practice, contemplations and prayer. We learn to focus attention and awaken to our innermost heart.

– Zarifah

Best communication skills

Best communication skills — especially listening — that I have ever seen. What a blessing!

– Jan Boyer

Opened to New Understanding

I opened to deep new understandings, entered into transformative states, and felt the soul of the group.

– ShaBaz

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